Huzefa & Maria

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Son of
Alefiya & Shk. Shoyeb


Daughter of
Arva & M Yusuf

Our Story

Their story could be dated back to their childhood.. where they used to play together, laugh together, participate in fancy dress competitions together, and what not.. but unfortunately it pretty much ended there because once they grew up, they never spoke a word to one other. If they’d stumble upon each other in the masjid or mawaid hallway (which used to be quite often), they’d carelessly move past without an acknowledgement of the other. That’s how it usually worked with boys and girls of their generation. They barely spoke to one another and were happy that way. Then Huzefa went to Australia for completing his higher studies and Maria was attaining her bachelor’s degree in the city itself.

One fine vacation, two and a half years later, Huzefa comes back to Kochi, and one way or another, Maria and Huzefa cross paths after so long. With her brother and a friend accompanying them, they go for a comedy show together and after that for dinner. This was the first time in forever that they spoke to each other few words other than “hello kem cho”?
That little starter conversation was the not-so-first first impression of each other for the both of them.

One day, after Huzefa had returned back to Australia for his final trimester and Maria was on vacation in Dubai, she finds out from her mom that she’s gotten a proposal from him. Without really thinking alot and basing the decision on the little impression she had of him, she agreed to speak to Huzefa furthermore.

Then it starts, the texts, the long distance phone calls (thankgod for WhatsApp call) and trying to cope up with the time differences. It was after 3 months of speaking and understanding each other, they realised it was time to let their parents know their unified decision. They choose an auspicious date (ramzan ni pehli raat) to share their acceptance to their parents. With everyone overwhelmed and happy with the outcome, it was a jolly time for both the cochinwalas and the quilonwalas.

He flies down soon after for the khakeshifa and they finally have their one on one time which was much needed for this blooming couple. One of their trips to Marari beach, remains their most memorable date so far. Then he returns back for work to Australia and the long distance calls continue, while the families have started prepping for the much awaited wedding.

The nikah was another milestone for this happy couple as it was performed by His Holiness Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) saheb and will remain etched in their hearts forever. After nikah, which was in Mumbai, they both celebrated their day on the beautiful Nariman Point first time as -Man and Wife. They bonded very well and more than anything, became each other’s best friend.

With a few days left for them to finally come together as one on their wedding, Maria and Huzefa are eager to share their lives together and support each other to fulfill their dreams. It’s just uphill from here in their books and insha’Allah, find happiness all along the way.

When & Where

Program in Cochin (Groom's Squad)

19th December

Mehendi – 9 am onwards at Villa Atlantis
Lunch at Villa Atlantis 1 pm
Dinner at villa Atlantis 8 pm

December 20th

Breakfast at your accommodation
Lunch at Villa Atlantis 1 pm
Mama Mosalo at 7 pm In Villa Atlantis followed by dinner

December 21st

After breakfast Leave for Quilon by 9am
Lunch at Quilon
Engagement function (Ring Ceremony) at 7.30 pm at hotel all seasons followed by dinner

December 22nd

Breakfast at accommodation
Nikah na khushi nu jaman at ATSK Gardens from 1 pm onwards.
Procession starts from Ramavarma Club at 7.15 pm followed by Pannat na khushi nu jaman at ATSK Gardens

Program in Quilon (Bride's Squad)

20th December 2018
Breakfast at your accommodation
Mehendi – 9 am onwards
Lunch at Saifee Manzil – 1pm
Dinner at Saifee Manzil – 8pm

21st December 2018
Breakfast at accommodation

9am katho kuthvano, Mama mosalo at 10am
Lunch at Saifee Manzil – 1pm
Engagement Function (Ring ceremony) at Hotel All seasons followed by dinner – 7:30pm

December 22nd
Breakfast at accommodation
Nikah na Khushi nu jaman at ATSK GARDENS from 1pm
Procession starts from Ramavarma club at 7:15 PM followed by Pannat na Khushi nu jaman at ATSK Gardens.



ATSK Gardens

Olayil, Thevally, Kollam, Kerala 691009
098470 72018

Rama Varma Club

Thevally, Kollam, Kerala 691009
0474 279 3597

All Season’s D’Fort Ayurvedic Resort

Near, Light house road, Thangassery, Kollam, Kerala 691007

With Best Compliments From

Cochinwala & Quilonwala Family

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